Cyprus: Olympus (1952 m)







Olympos lies in in the Troodos National
Forest Park in the center of the island and covers 9337 hectars.If you like
demanding mountains with extreme climbs etc. this place is certainly not
too interesting for you: You can drive close to the top by car and then
continue on pleasant trails on foot. The beauty of the area lies elsewhere: It
has a magical touch, because it is wetter, cooler and greener than the rest of
the island, and snow usually lies thick from mid-January to mid-March (not on
the rest of the island). Due to the combination of warm sun and crisp dry snow,
it provides ideal conditions for skiing. A ski lift operates on Mount Olympus
and equipment may be hired. The area is also great for a variety of activities
such as hiking or mountain-biking.

There are no ‘Routes’ here, but nice trails with nature- information as you go.









Bus services run within and between
towns every day except Sunday.

Those between major cities are cheap, frequent and efficient.

If you want to travel on a Sunday, you’ll need to get a service taxi.

They’re good for most places in the Republic, but they tend to take roundabout





The snow in winter is often very
loose and requires snow-shoes.

When it is packed you can usually walk on it. (slopes can be slippery)

Around April you can usually walk on the trails normally again.