Litouwen:Juozapine (312 m)











The hill Juozapine
is very resemble to the Mount Elbrus, my dream
summit, especially in winter when it is covered with snow. It is situated about
20 km
towards the east from Vilnius near Belarus border.
On one summit is rolled a huge boulder on another, the higher one, there is dug
a shallow well without a lid for unknown purpose. In summer one can reach the
saddle by car then there is just half a minute ‘climb’ to the highest spot in Lithuania. The
old toothless woman, the top resident of country, solicits to everyone who
stays there a little bit longer and mumbles in semi-Russian and Polish
something about her family until you leave the place. If you are not so
wealthy, to reach Elbrus it is excellent chance to simulate it by means of Juozapine, although electric line stretches near it.