: Balanesti(430m)















When they finally
could cross the border, they where having a another
nightmare when trying to locate the “mountain”. Everywhere there were
thick forest, and nobody could answer their question about where the highest
point in their country was. After driving around for hours on the so-called
roads in the area they met an old lady that actually could tell them precisely where
the top of Balanesti was located. The boys had to
fight their way through the forest on a ground covered with mud. Finally they
got to the top, and they could see clearly that this top was higher than the
surrounding landscape. On the ground they found some pieces of wood which
probably some time ago had marked the highest point in Moldova.







Nice view towards a village in the
mountain side nearby Balanesti.





Torbjoern, Gisle
and Petter on top of Balanesti