: GaldhØpiggen (2469 m)











Galdhopiggen is the highest mountain in Norway and Scandinavia.
It don´t look like a nr.1,
but the view from the summit is royal and reach 35.000 km2 with claciers, woods, peaks and lakes. The mountain is situated
in the most interested mountain-area in Scandinavia

It´s been
a battle during the years between Galdhopiggen and
nr.2 Glittertind – who is the highest? Glittertind was until few years ago higher thanks to the
big glacier on the very peak. Now most of it is melted away and Galdhopiggen is 17 meter higher.
Galdhopiggen is not a climb. It is a
easy six hours walk from Spiterstulen hotel – mainly
on glacier. Can also be reached by ski in Winter and

Another popular route to Galdhøpiggen starts from Juvashytta mountain hotel. This is reached with a car by
following a very narrow road (things can get interesting, when you notice
there’s a bus coming into opposite direction). From Juvashytta
the altitude gain is about 600
meters. The route crosses Styggedalsbreen
(basic glacier), then follows the easy ridge (at first rocky, later snowy) to
the summit. There are guided parties from Juvashytta
every day.



Getting There

The “base camp” hotel – Spiterstulen – is
situated nearly 400 kilometers from the capital of Norway, Oslo.
From Oslo you
go in north direction by train, bus or car. You will pass Lillehammer, by Otta
you turn west, by Lom you turn south-west and after
another half hour you have to walk or drive the tiny road to Spiterstulen.





Spiterstulen hut.There are
about 150 beds available, most of them in rooms with 2 or 3 beds, hot and cold
water and showers/lavatories in the corridor. We also wish you welcome to our
camping site.





and Glittertind (the highest mountains in Northern Europe) may safely be scaled on your own. You
can ascend 17 mountain peaks exceed 2300 m (7500 ft.) and return to Spiterstulen
for supper!





The trail from Spiterstulen
– 1100 m
– going north, crossing the river by a bridge and then climbing up the
the summertime the snow will turn up at 1800 – 1900 m. The last part of the
clacier before the summit has some ugly crevasses
where som people died few years ago. Keep to the
sticks along the snowtrail.

It takes 4 hours up and 2 hours down.




Camping is allowed more than 200
meters from the cottages/hotels. Spiterstulen
hotel is open from the beginning of March to the end of October (tel: 47 – 6121 1480).

There is some controversy surrounding camping close to the huts. In Norway, the 200 meter rule is
universal, but due to lobbying by those who run some huts, it has been put up
further restrictions. Spiterstulen are among the more
zealous. Many Norwegians think these restrictions are illegal and bluntly
ignore them, but you may not want to get in trouble unless you know the details
of the law.





 View from the summit



The summit from the normal route



 In the begining of
the climb



from National Park



Looking down from summit.





Look towards Nordre
Heimre through the valley between Galdhopiggen
and Veslpiggen