Servië: Midžor (2170 m)








Midzhur in mist. The border stones are observed from
the Serbian side. The peak itself lies in Bulgaria. Sept. 2007.





Midžor (2170 m) is the highest peak of Serbian part of Stara Planina. Midžor peak is
placed in the center of Serbian Stara Planina, between Tri Cuke (1936 m)
on SE side and Babin Zub (1758 m) on SW side. The massif of Midžor peak
is very large. Its western, eastern and southern slopes are grassy and not so
steep, while its northern side is rocky and very steep. This side is also most
attractive and very popular among rock climbers.








Stara Planina and Midžor as it’s highest peak are the natural border
between Serbia and Bulgaria. On the summit of Midžor you can find border stone
between those two countries.

The massif of Midžor is very rich with water springs and mountain streems and
rivers. Topodolska Reka river is one of them. On the southern side of Midžor,
going from Topli Do village, you can enjoy in two beautifully mountain streems.
One is placed on the SW slopes, while the other one is located on eastern SE
slopes of Midžor. That’s really nice refreshment during long ascent from Topli





Midzor summit. May 2006.





People mostly use two routes to climb Midžor (2170 m) peak:

1. Babin Zub Hotel – Midžor (2170 m): 2,30h – 3h

2. Topli Do village – Midžor
(2170 m): 4h – 4,30h

First one starting from SW side of Midžor massif and that’s usual approach to
the summit. Second option starting from Midžor’s S side and that’s the longer
solution, even still very nice. Topli Do village is very picturesque and remind
me on ‘Asteriks’ village.





Topli Do village is located
belowe the southern slopes of Midzor. The route from this village to the
summit is the longest one.





Ascent of Midzor.







Getting there:



Beograd (Belgrade) – Pirot – Stara Planina (Babin Zub
Beograd (Belgrade) – Pirot – Stara Planina (Topli Do village)
Beograd (Belgrade) – Knjaževac – Stara Planina

Stara Planina is placed in eastern part of Serbia, near border with Bulgaria,
55 km far from Pirot and Knjaževac towns.





Stara Planina




You can stay in three star Hotel Babin
, which is nestled right below the same name mountain summit (1758 m).
The hotel was built in 2000 and it is very well maintained. All rooms are nice
and cozy. This three star hotel is situated below Babin Zub mountain peak on
elevation of 1500 m above sea level.

This is common place when people planning to climb Midžor peak.