Tsjechië: Sněžzka

Snezka (1602 m) 





View from Symbolic Cemetery in Lomniczka Valley.

Snezka (Sniezka, Schneekoppe, Snowhill) is the highest mountain in the Czech Republic and in the Krkonose mountains (Giant Mountains). It is located at the Czech-Polish border in the Krkonose National Park and rises up to 1602 meters.

The trilateral round pyramid of the Snezka massif falls 600 meters to Obri Dul (Giant Valley) on the Czech south side and to Lomnicky Valley at the north Polish side. The slopes are bare and rocky, formed of gneiss. The trees are only at the foot of the mountain and the vegetation gradually disappears during the ascent, remaining just moss. The mountain houses a number of singular species of plants and animals, so be careful.

The upper stages are covered by a stone debris field, unsuitable for walk, but there is a pathway built, leading up to the summit. This pathway is usually crowded, because the highest peak in the Czech Republic is an easy climb, a favourite target of many family and school trips. Statistics say, there is a 3/4 million tourists per year. The ascent is 850 m.


The peak, as viewed from west, near Obri hut (the yellow building). The tourist path is visible, as well as the Polish hut on the summit.


View of the Obri Hut from the top of Snezka

The eastern slopes connect to Obri Hreben (Giant Ridge), which continues to the east as a natural Czech-Polish border, western slopes descent to a plateau at 1400 meters. The plateau goes in a large turn to the south to Studnicni hora (Studnicni mountain, 1554 meters), enclosing a big hole in the terrain. This forms the ideal conditions for avalanches, which are really dangerous in the area.

There are some buildings on the summit: the oldest is the chapel of St.Lawrence, built in 1681. The Polish hut comes from the year 1976. There is also a small Czech post office and the ruin of the Czech hut, now closed.


The Polish hut on the summit.


Summit marker at the Czech side of Snezka summit (29 April 2006)


A map of the region around Snezka. The thick blue arrows are possible avalanches, the thin blue line going down is the route from Pec pod Snezkou.


Four main routes lead up to the summit:

From the south from Pec pod Snezkou through Obri Dul leads the blue tourist line to Sliezsky hut, where you can see clearly the final stage to the summit.

From the north goes the red tourist line to the same hut.

East and west (from the town Spindleruv Mlyn) paths go on the ridge forming the Czech-Polish border.

Another possibility is to take a ride by a cablecar from Pec pod Snezkou.

As the climb is easy and the distance is not extreme, most people return back within several hours.

Where to stay:

There is the Polish hut on the summit, offering bedrooms. Or you can choose Lucni bouda (Lucni hut, or “Meadow” hut) – the highest Czech hut located west of the summit with a nice view of the peak. There is a lot of hotels down in the town Pec pod Snezkou or Karpacz.


The Great Lake is located in the Snezka massif towards NW from the summit.


The Small Lake situated in the NW part of the Snezka massif seen from W